Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

Proper dental hygiene is a basic prerequisite for healthy teeth throughout life, and also significantly extends the life of your fillings and prosthetic work.

For long-term maintenance of the best possible condition of teeth and gums, it is necessary to have a regular examination. Even seemingly clean teeth and gums need regular and professional cleaning. Teeth deserve professional care.

Dental hygiene is a relatively young, post-revolutionary field in our country. Abroad, it is common for people to go to dental hygiene since childhood, thus maximally eliminating the development of diseases in the oral cavity, most often the development of dental caries, and at an advanced age the development of periodontal disease, which can result in tooth loss.

The essence is regular patient visits, examination, the provision of necessary care, intensive prophylaxis and, of course, important instructions on how to properly care for your teeth in home care. It is necessary to emphasize to the patient that the treatment of incipient conditions is easier, more economical, less time-consuming for him you and for subsequent medical care, and technically simpler.

It should be noted that the condition of the teeth greatly affects the psyche of patients. Usually smiles less who is ashamed of teeth, which is a shame. Those who suffer from toothache tend to be silent, moody and uncomfortable in the mood of themselves and their surroundings. You will limit yourself. Especially at a time when verbal communication is one of the basic prerequisites for success, a beautiful smile and fragrant breath is the best way to achieve goals.

Oral care should really begin at the prenatal stage. Expectant mothers should be instructed during pregnancy about visit dental hygiene. How much the condition of their oral cavity affects the birth weight and health of newborns, because inflammation in the mother’s oral cavity affects the bloodstream throughout the mother’s body, where the presence of unwanted bacteria harms and fetus.

Dental hygiene can be divided into three basic chapters:

  • Prevention in all age categories
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Cosmetic improvement of teeth – eg whitening

The frequency of dental hygiene visits depends on the condition of the teeth, the patient’s own care and motivation, and the specific targeted treatment plan.

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