About us

About us

Together with ArbesDentry+ we are part of the Dentry group.

Introduction of our center

ArbesDentry, dental surgery provides comfortable dental treatment in modernly equipped dental surgeries to all clients who expect high professionalism, top quality of performed procedures, their painless and maximally gentle design and perfect information. Part of ArbesDentry (dental office) is a specialized dental hygiene workplace ArbesDentry+ providing professional dental hygiene care.

Initial examination

The range of services provided includes comprehensive care for the client's teeth, which provides treatment in restorative dentistry (fillings, root canal treatment), prosthetic dentistry (crown, bridge, ceramic veneers, prosthesis), dental surgery (tooth extraction, wisdom teeth treatment, traumatic treatment etc.), implantology (dental implants) and dental hygiene through the ArbesDentry+ website.


1. 1. 2023


Dle mojí návštěvy můžu ordinaci vřele doporučit. Celý personál byl velmi ochotný a trpělivý a prohlídka byla provedena pečlivě. Děkuji.

29. 11. 2022


Great service. I had an acute root canal treatment - and they spent extra time making sure that the pain was managed properly. I have had many bad dental experiences - and fainted in a dental surgery before. I really appreciate that they treat each patient as an indivdual - and spend time if it's needed.

17. 11. 2022


I can only recommend ArbesDentry. Always smiling and helpful staff, beautiful premises. The work on the teeth was always performed by the doctor in good quality, I never had any problems.